Q&A session

Why do we start the courses now? 

The virus is staying with us for a long while.  People are forced to stay home or work from home during the lockdown. It is an opportunity to create and write. Imagination and creativity will blossom if you are given some professional guidance. We believe online learning is a suitable mode of for learning writing. We are here to offer professional and effective guidance for you. 

Who are the teachers?

They are real poets and writers.

What do KPS offer?

We offer courses in Chinese poetry, English poetry, fiction and prose. 

Who should join the courses? 

Our courses are for those who have writing aspirations but lack the skills to put your ideas into words. If you like writing but somehow lack the discipline to sit down and write, it is good to join a course. By joining a course, you are committed to do it. 

How heavy is the course?

You are asked to do writing assignments and feedbacks to your peers alternative week. Also you will be given a reading list and you will discuss the book with your teacher at exchange session.  

How do I get the books from the reading list?

You have to get the books yourself. You can get them from bookstores, online bookstores or e-book at Amazon. The books are likely available in public library.